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Let Raul Cater your Wedding!

There are so many wonderful lodges up here in Estes Park to host your wedding day.  Their sweeping views and mountain architecture mixed with the smell of the pines and buzzing of hummingbirds will create memories that will make you smile for a lifetime.

Raul Perez, owner of Sweet Basilico restaurant in Estes Park, ColoradoMany of these lodges provide grand banquet rooms to hold your reception but leave the catering to the specialist.  Here in Estes Park, you will find first class wedding caterers who know the importance of delivering you and your guest the fresh, piping hot, made from scratch meals that you expect for your special day!

Sweet Basilico Italian Restaurant is one of these wedding caterers and has been serving Estes Park since 1997.  The owners, Shawn and Raul Perez are some of the most ardent supporters of our community and have a combined 60 years of experience in the restaurant business.  They have both worked in high volume, upscale hotels and know how to handle the high expectations and hectic pace of a wedding.

Raul wants to emphasize the benefits of choosing a local catering company.  Being in the mountains, weather conditions can present themselves as winter well into early June.  Sweet Basilico Dessert MenuYour wedding day is not a day to have the added worry of whether or not (no pun intended!) your catered meals will even be on your table.  Traffic congestion or accidents in the canyons leading to Estes Park can also prove difficult for caterers from the lower elevations. Sweet Basilico food is made at the last moment so it will be "straight out of the oven fresh”!  There are no worries about your catered meals traveling in a van for long periods of time.

More importantly, how many couples have had a hard time deciding exactly how much food to order if they have chosen to cater their wedding buffet style?  Sweet Basilico is always happy to make last minute changes to the amount of food you need based on your ever changing guest list.  They are also able to let you order what you feel comfortable ordering and then bring you more salad, pasta or dessert while your reception is going on.  Couples will never cut corners for their wedding but what is the point of a ton of leftover food? 

Shawn and Raul exude the mountain charm Estes Park is famous for.  After you talk to them about your catering needs, you will see their level of care for your wedding is more than just words!

Sweet Basilico Italian Restaurant Wedding Catering in Estes Park, ColoradoTo learn more about Sweet Basilico, visit their website or give them a call at 970-586-3899.

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