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Custom Wedding Dresses from Scratch or Alterations on Your Dress

Excellent seamstresses are abundant along the front range for your wedding needs but if you are looking for a custom designer to put that special touch on your wedding dress, you need not look further than Sharyn's Sewing Studio right here in Estes Park.

Sharyn's Sewing StudioSharyn has been designing clothing for decades but it's not just her experience that will make you feel like a celebrity when you walk down the aisle.  When you meet her, you'll see that it is her excitement about using her creativity to come up with something truly special that will result in a dress that far exceeds your expectations!

If you choose a custom dress from scratch, she always encourages brides to meet with her at least 6 months in advance.  Her attention to detail starts with a mock up dress and ends with the hand stitching of  your custom chosen beadwork.  And consider, if anything does happen to your dress as your wedding approaches, who better to save the day then the person who designed it!

If you have already purchased that dress you instantly knew was made just for you,  let Sharyn's talents make it so it was truly made with only you in mind.  She starts with the simpler design changes like sleeve length or changing the neckline from a scooped neck to a sweetheart neck.  Then, her attention to detail really shines.  If she lets the waste line out, she will go as far as to search down the matching beadwork so she can hand stitch the beads onto the bare areas.  She also focuses on redesigning the undergarment so the dress will best show off your figure.  Finally, she will work on custom bustling schemes so when it comes time to dance, it is as simple as a pull of a hidden cord and the snap of a button!

Sharyn believes storing the dress right here in Estes Park for your wedding day is also important.  Besides the fact of shipping issues, she almost insists that the final fittings be done as close to your wedding day as possible.  We all have some weight variation as the wedding day approaches, why not have your dress fit you perfectly during your wedding day.

One can safely say that Sharyn has been in this business for so long because of the smile on a bride's face during her final fitting.  Don't forget that she also works with the groom, the bridal party, family members or just  to be your savior when there is a zipper malfunction or your dress is in need of emergency first aid when it matters most.

Sharyn's Sewing Studio - Estes Park, Colorado

To learn more about Sharyn's Sewing Studio, give Sharyn a call at 970-586-2426.

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