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Bill Huth, Wedding Officiant
Weddings, and that includes elopements, must be happy, memorable and stressless…and those are my personal goals.

Dear Couples, 

Bill Huth, Estes Valley WeddingsMy name is Bill Huth and I am an ordained United Methodist minister living in Estes Park, Colorado.  I want to congratulate you on your engagement and all you have to do now is to put together your wedding!  Well, that can be a daunting task unless you have good people you can trust to work with you.

I believe that weddings are religious events but they are definitely not revivals.  Each wedding has its own flavor and your wedding can be very formal or more toward mountain casual. Weddings are also family events and we can do special things to celebrate parents, deceased loved ones, and recognize children.  (If your marriage is not your first and there are children, we should incorporate them into the ceremony.)  And I believe this should be your wedding and that means you will have the opportunity to work with me to create your perfect ceremony.

This is accomplished through a process.  You would answer my questions sent through email.  Then I would create a Preliminary Wedding Ceremony (PWC) and send it back to you as an attachment.  The PWC will be very, very long because it will contain lots and lots and lots of options so that you choose the content and language, including how we start and finish plus prayers, how you say vows and give rings, symbols of the marriage, readings, and much more.  Couples have told me that working on the PWC makes it all very personal and they get to work together and exercise compromise plus give and take.  The PWC is something we achieve together.

Bill Huth, Estes Valley Weddings

Weddings, and that includes elopements, must be happy, memorable and stressless…and those are my personal goals.  A wedding is about your commitment to each other – first and foremost…for now and for ever!

And now for some wedding tips:

  • Just be yourselves!  The wedding must reflect your personalities and your desire to become husband and wife.

  • The more you add into a wedding ceremony, there is the potential for stress.  Keeping it simple and straightforward creates success.

  • Estes Park is known for breezes and wind.  It is for that reason that I cannot recommend the bride wearing a veil because it will be a bother.

  • Always have a back-up site in mind.

  • If the wedding is held outside, the wedding should start on time so that the guests are not being baked in the sun or subject to weather.

  • Finally, a primary consideration for the wedding site should be your guests, especially the elderly or handicapped.  Some places having parking and easy access to a wedding site while others require walking and a lot of effort.
If you are interested in having me as your officiant, or if you want me to create a PWC so that you can see what I propose for your wedding, please contact me at bhuth2@aol.com or 970.586.6586.  I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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